What we do

Colbright provides a full range of certified IT hosting solutions and on-site services. We work together with you to create a GxP compliant IT infrastructure from scratch and we maintain this IT infrastructure so that it is fully audit proof at all times.

Colbright’s Managed Services consultants can support you in:

  • Analyzing and implementing new IT solutions
  • On-site IT system and hardware maintenance
  • Easing your IT department’s workload

We can manage, support and monitor your qualified IT infrastructure and cloud environments regardless of where your data is hosted. We are experienced in managing your infrastructure through the GxP-Cloud Console, IBM-CLOUD, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and your local IT infrastructure.

To this end, authorized changes are made, calamities are resolved and any risks anticipated in consultation with the customer in order to maximize availability and security of your IT infrastructure and cloud environments. Throughout this process the respective qualified status is maintained.

To achieve our goal in enabling the full potential of life science IT we deliver services based on existing software and hardware. Because why reinvent the wheel if we are able to let it spin faster. That’s why we deliver insights and knowledge build on four components.


Ensuring all actions and solutions are compliant for the life science industry. Delivering SAAS, PAAS or IAAS will be done on a GxP compliant cloud infrastructure. 


We deliver insights with monthly reports on the status of your environment. We monitor the isolated virtual environments which allows us to generate reports based on thresholds and SLA parameters. 


Every process and component must meet a high level of security to ensure safety and productivity. Based on a security baseline we determine which tooling is needed to ensure the complete safety of an application, customer environment, network or datacenter.


24/7 uptime for 99,8% with an aligned disaster recovery. The infrastructure will support a high level of availability and is build on a redundant fundament to maximize uptime.