GMP compliant IT infrastructure

The case

ChemConnection started as a young, fast-growing and innovative company for contract research and medicine production. As of 2018 ChemConnection is part of the Belgium-headquartered Ardena.

Their expertise lies in the field of high-potency compounds, carbohydrates, steroids and peptides. Established in 2012, the Dutch company also developed itself into one of the leading companies in the world in terms of the production of nanomedicine.

ChemConnection Ardena

A lot of analytical work is done at ChemConnection, for which they have a top-notch laboratory that is certified according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The laboratory information management system (LIMS) also requires a GMP-compliant IT infrastructure and data servers. The criteria:

  • Data server must be GMP-compliant;
  • Protection against hackers and other intruders;
  • Continuity must be guaranteed;
  • The supplier must be able to set up and perform maintenance on the data server;
  • The supplier must have experience with the Life Sciences market.

When it comes down to it, a decision is not only made on the basis of price or location. Trust also carries a lot of weight. Trust is essential. To us, it is important to know that our major IT infrastructure is in the hands of an IT provider we trust completely.

Gerjan Kemperman, CEO

The result

ChemConnection already started working with Colbright in times of Iperion IS and from both sides this cooperation has been with full satisfaction. ChemConnection’s building management system (BMS) must be extracted from the system of the building’s previous owner in 2016. To this end, the company has ordered a separate BMS data server.

Colbright’s strength according to ChemConnection:

  • GMP-compliant;
  • Reliability;
  • Track record;
  • High-quality knowledge of the material;
  • Fast service and support.